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1. Live Workshops

Each week international speaker and author J.R. Steele, M.S., 

will delve into public speaking tips, techniques and strategies revealed in each chapter of this award-wining book through a live ZOOM session. Progress at your pace! Sessions are recorded so you can review as many times as you like for an entire year.

Your Registration Includes:  

  • Book, Your Best Speech Ever 
  • Delivery Workbook
  • Weekly Live Workshop (View Recordings for 1 year)
  • Weekly Coaching & Personal Feedback Sessions
  • Write Unlimited Speeches (1YR) on


2. Personal Feedback

Each week our team of Accredited Trainers will give you personal feedback on the developmental speeches you deliver as you master each chapter. Weekly support sessions are scheduled for your group so you can give and get feedback in a supportive environment. Quality feedback is crucial to grow and be your best.


3. Proven System

Don't stress about how to write a speech ever again using the Speech Formula -- which is proven to reduce anxiety and increase organization! Our proprietary system is easy to master by using our speech writing web application This innovative tool will guide you through the speech writing process, when you reach the end, your speech, slides and cards are finished. Leave this course with a signature speech that WOW's your audience. Our talented team of trainers provide quality feedback to support your journey! Course includes unlimited speeches on for 1 year.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Activity: Anxiety Test

Speech: Story Time!

Week 2: Conquer Your Fear!

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Activity: Reduce Anxiety 

Speech: Pet Speech

Week 3: Transform Your Delivery

Week 1: Why Does the Fear Exist?

Week 3: Transform Your Delivery

Activity: Travel Story

Speech: Famous & Introduction

Week 4: Make Visuals Count

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Week 3: Transform Your Delivery

Activity: C2ARES/WPPR

Speech: C2ARES Demo

Week 5: You are Your Audience

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Activity: Personality Test

Speech: Your Story

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Week 6: Audience Writes the Speech

Activity: Maslow Needs

Speech: Formal Audience Analysis

Week 7: The Speech Formula

Week 7: The Speech Formula

Week 7: The Speech Formula

Write Speech

Week 8: Conquer Your Fear!

Week 7: The Speech Formula

Week 7: The Speech Formula

Practice Speech


Week 7: The Speech Formula


Deliver Your Best Speech Ever

Submit Portfolio & Exam

Certification Cost is $199

Do you have some questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have my own signature speech by the end of the course? Yes! If you utilize the activities and support system you are guaranteed to have a signature speech you can use to promote yourself, your issue or your business.
  2. Do I have to pay the full amount now? No. A non-refundable deposit of $99 reserves your spot. 
  3. Do you have a payment plan available? We sure do! Participants may pay monthly or weekly. Contact our office to set up the payment plan. 
  4. What if I am unable to attend the live Zoom session? No worries, we will record each session and make the video available for your viewing pleasure. 
  5. What is a Zoom Session? Zoom is a really cool tool that allows us to video conference and share screens anywhere in the world. Anyone, anywhere can join the course! I have taken courses with up to 100 people and they are incredible. You can raise your electronic hand to ask a question and even pair up in groups for activities. The sessions are recorded. You can review the content anytime you want. If you can't make a scheduled session, you can view it later. It is actually interesting to observe who you are as a learner attending the live Zoom as opposed to how you learn watching the replay session later. It is truly amazing what technology can allow us to do.
  6.  When will the live course take place? The course begins Sunday, July 28 2019 at 4:00 pm. Each week we will meet at this time. You will be assigned to a support team that will be led by one of our accredited trainers-- typically these groups meet on Wednesday afternoons but the team may identify a time that works best for the group.
  7. Does it work well to take this course with a buddy? YES! We believe strongly in the power of collaboration. In fact we reward it! Buy 2 get 1 FREE or Bring a Buddy and you each save 25%.
  8. When I finish the course will I be certified by the International Public Speaking Institute? You can be. This course qualifies you to become certified. You must complete the certification requirements of an exam, delivery of your Best Speech Ever following the Speech Formula and creation of a personal plan of action based upon your feedback. Once our team reviews your portfolio, you will be issued a certificate by the International Public Speaking Institute. Certification Costs $199.00. Complete within 10 Days of the course end for only $99.
  9. What is the best way to prepare for the course? Read the book, Your Best Speech Ever. Complete the activities in the Delivery Workbook. 
  10. Do you do private courses for organizations? Yes! WE love to tailor our materials to help organizations be amazing communicators that connect with their clients and their staff. Contact us for pricing.
  11. Are any scholarships available? Yes. We do have an application process for scholarships to individuals who qualify. 
  12. I really don't give speeches rather presentations to my team -- can this course develop my style and effectiveness? Absolutely! Public Speaking is the language of leadership -- it helps you become a better communicator in any environment. There is very little difference between speech skills and presentation skills - you still have a message that needs to be communicated and an audience that you need to somehow engage so they embrace the message; this course explores both skills. 

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"Whether you like it or not get very comfortable with public speaking. It’s an asset that will last you 50-60 years, and it’s a liability if you don’t like doing it.” Warren Buffet


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Here's What People are Saying

"Must have professional reference tool."

"Helps advance my speaking skills the most!"

"Helps advance my speaking skills the most!"


"For two decades, I have guided executives, employees and organizations to land the right person with the right position.  This systems provides a new personal & professional reference tool to draw from to communicate your way to the top; a must have!

Your Best Speech Ever course is a fantastic way to advance leadership skills."

Marcia McPherson, Marmc Consulting, 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 

"Helps advance my speaking skills the most!"

"Helps advance my speaking skills the most!"

"Helps advance my speaking skills the most!"


"As an image consultant, stylist and brand representative for movies, products and VIP's, I often find myself on stages teaching my craft and inspiring developing artists. I have spent years developing my public speaking skill set. I have attended workshops and paid thousands of pounds to learn from the top motivational speakers. Your Best Speech Ever is the best! It helps me the most. "

Joseph Koniak, Diva Pro Styling, 

London, UK

"Complete solution for getting your ideas across."

"Complete solution for getting your ideas across."

"Complete solution for getting your ideas across."


"As an engineer, effectively communicating key ideas to both clients and staff is crucial to all systems running properly. Throughout my career as a Naval officer and executive consultant, I have always maintained the significance of managing expectations, which is often the most difficult component of any project.  This systematic approach is the complete solution for getting your ideas across to any audience." 

Lloyd Cosby, Nova Nuclear 

Ottawa, Canada

"Engages your audience in ways you never dreamed."

"Complete solution for getting your ideas across."

"Complete solution for getting your ideas across."


“There is nothing out there like IPSI's approach to public speaking. JR breaks everything down in such a systematic way that you know you could confidently design and deliver a high quality speech on essentially any topic and get your audience engaged in ways you never would have thought of before.”

Misty Russell, Process VP

Boca Raton, FL

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