"There are two types of Speakers. Those that are NERVous and those that are lying." Mark Twain

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Week 1: Forget Spiders Snakes and Claustrophobia Public Speaking Freaks Us Out!

Do you suffer with dread, anxiety and stress at the mere thought of standing in front of a group of people? Discover why the fear exists and  how you can use it to empower your message. You are not alone!

Activity: Anxiety Test                                                                                                                    Speech: Story Time!

Week 2: Conquer Your Fear!

Did you know that research shows that if you open yourself to the process, you can conquer your fear? Our system is proven -- our most anxious students commonly reduce their anxiety by 50, 60 even 80 points! This week we will share proven tips and techniques that will help you get comfortable being uncomfortable, so you can deliver a speech with confidence. 

Activity: Reduce Anxiety Strategies                                                                                         Speech: Pet Speech

Week 3: Transform Your Delivery

Now that you have faced your fear, get ready to discover the ... 10 Delivery Principles! 

  1. Set the Stage
  2. Control Your Energy
  3. Speak Up!
  4. Sweeten It
  5. Power of the Pause
  6. Use Your Space Wisely
  7. Engage. Engage. Engage.
  9. Dance with Your Audience
  10. Have Fun!

Activity: Travel Story  (Before & After)                                                                          Speech: Famous Speech

Week 4: Make Visuals Count

This might just be the most important chapter -- this chapter merges the Delivery Principles with the presentation of the Design Principles. Two crucial ideas in this chapter are the C2ARES Principle and WPPR - either one can completely change the dynamic of your presentation. Most speakers double down with this mistake. They have far too much on their slides and read off their slides far too much. These techniques will completely change the way you interact and use your visuals to work for your rather than against you. 

Activity:  Slides Redesign/C2ARES Demo                           Speech: Interacting with Visuals 

Did You Know?

We offer pre and post course Public Speaking Anxiety Test (PRPSA). Our speakers with high anxiety typically reduce their anxiety by over fifty points, some eighty -- that's on a scale of 180. Find out your anxiety level now.


Only the Prepared Speaker Deserves to be Confident. Dale Carnegie

Week 5: You Are Your Audience

This chapter asks you to take an in-depth inventory to discover who you are. One of the reasons people are so afraid of public speaking is they are afraid of being judged. None of us are perfect, it is scary to reveal our imperfections to the world -- it is against our nature. If we can accept our selves, the idea of sharing in front of an audience becomes more tolerable. Guess what? As many faults as you or I may have, so does our audience. By getting clearer on who you are, we can use that knowledge to better understand and respect our audience. 

Activity: (Personality Tests) Big Five, Myers Briggs, Johari          Speech: My BEST Story

Week 6: Your Audience Writes the Speech

As human beings we are all driven by our needs. As a speaker it is crucial to understand who your audience is so that

Activity: Maslow's Hierarchy. Examine Belief Structure   Speech: Formal Audience Analysis Results

Week 7: Speech Formula is the Secret to the Perfect Speech

Are you ready for the formula to be revealed? Each part of the formula is broken down so you can  make it work perfectly for you!

  1. Audience Analysis
  2. Purpose Statement
  3. Body
  4. Introduction
  5. Conclusion

Activity: Develop Signature Speech                                                             Speech: Write Signature Speech

Week 8: Make Visuals Count

Now that you have all of the components necessary for the Speech Formula, it is time to put it all together! This chapter will guide you through the inception of the speech..."the ASK" all the way to the significance of your post reflection and plan of action for the next speech.

Activity:  Examine the Entire Process                                           Speech: Practice Delivery


For anyone who wishes to receive a certificate from the International Public Speaking Institute may do so once you have completed the course. Certification cost is only $199 includes review of portfolio and exam, must complete within 1 year. Anyone who completes within 10 days of course completion save $100. Certification requires:

  • Course Completed
  • Assignments for Each Chapter
  • Practice Speeches for Each Chapter
  • Pass an Examination over content from Your Best Speech Ever
  • Submit a Portfolio of your Written Speech, Cards & Slides
  • Deliver (Record in front of an audience or deliver via ZOOM)
  • Reflect and create a Plan of Action so your next speech is Your Best Speech Ever

Activity:  Portfolio                                                                 Speech: Practice Delivery

Are You Ready?

Everyday people lose opportunities because they are afraid to speak in public. You can deliver a speech with confidence. Guaranteed.

Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

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