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Communication Should Be Choice, Not a REflex. J.R. STeele

About the Book

Finally! A speech book that awakens and enlightens developing speakers at any level. Your Best Speech Ever examines the fear, dread and phobias public speaking often evokes in people and examines the stress or anxiety response many experience. Specific strategies are outlined to conquer the fear and speak confidently to audiences of any size or speeches for any purpose. Any great speech is comprised of two components, the design and the delivery. Your Best Speech Ever delves deeply into each aspect featuring real solutions for building your best speech ever. 

For the design of the speech, tried and tested Speech Formula breaks down each necessary ingredient and the step-by-step process for combing the ingredients makes it easy to follow especially since each book gives one free speech on The accompanying speech writing web application is transforming how one writes a speech. 

The Speech Formula web application literally guides you through the speech writing process through a series of prompts, when you are complete, your speech, your cards and your slides are finished. To nail the delivery, Your Best Speech Ever features the Ten Delivery Principles and the 4 Ps to Engage your Audience, both are sure to transform any speaker. 

Author J.R. Steele’s systematic approach is a breath of fresh air to speakers of any level. Unlike the overly-generalized tips most public speaking books provide, Your Best Speech Ever includes tools of engagement like self-awareness quizzes, numbered lists, cognitive exercises, motivational quotes and surveys all while punctuating it with a unique sense of humor and wit. Each chapter highlights practice speeches designed to reinforce the principles, build technique and confidence. 

Communication is at the core of every dream we have. Thus, the benefits of becoming a more confident speaker are far reaching. Quite often, lives are transformed and dreams are achieved. Begin your journey to create Your Best Speech Ever today.  

Did You Know...

Your Best Speech Ever was recognized as one of the Top 100 Business Books by Women in the past 5 years by Her Business Listings.

"Communication is at the Core of every dream you have" - J.r. Steele

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About the Author J.R. Steele

JR Steele is passionate about public speaking. As a University instructor, international speaker, consultant and coach, her approach differs from even the most seasoned in her field. Why? She is an instructional designer at her core.  Which means having heard thousands of speeches, taught hundreds of courses and coached countless developing speakers, she always asked what is it that the learner needs to know and how can I best deliver that message. Her book and her approach are audience centered. Which means that the byproducts are far reaching. Rather than just developing your self as a speaker, when you completed this program, you will have transformed as an individual. Communication is at the core of every dream we have. Reach your full potential through the lessons learned in speech.

Steele began her public speaking career directly out of high school as a national speaker in the drug free movement. She worked in the environmental industry designing instruction and managing regional training centers for nearly a decade before taking her passion for teaching to the classroom. For the past fifteen years, she has challenged countless students to reach their full potential as communicators at Broward College and Barry University.  She is thrilled to take the lessons she has learned and present them in here book, Your Best Speech Ever and through the innovative speech writing tool, Take the journey and see if you don't find that this system guides you to seamlessly delver "Your Best Speech Ever!"


  • Thrives in Sailboat Bend downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Her first speech her speech coach said, "That was great! We could have even danced to the rhythm of your knees knocking!"
  • Loves cycling, hot yoga and kayaking.
  • Ran the Chicago Marathon at 16 years old.
  • Travel...YES!
  • Has a Rum Bar in her backyard -- rumor has it this is where she delivers her best speeches!
  • Currently getting Certified to Teach Marci Shimoff's, Happy For No Reason courses

Public Speaking is the Language of Leadership. James Humes

What Makes This Course Special?

This course is remarkable. It offers a combination of rich, personalized content with access to the insights and experience of international speaker and author J.R. Steele. Each week, Steele will delve into tips, techniques and strategies revealed in each chapter of her award wining book, Your Best Speech Ever through a live ZOOM session. Progress at your own pace!

Each session is recorded for your convenience, up to one year. The course is limited to only 30 people so that you have personalized attention. The International Public Speaking Institute has a team of Accredited Trainers who will meet with you and provide personal coaching and valuable feedback as you progress through the speeches and activities designed to elevate your speaking skill set. You will be able to give and get feedback from other participants. If you successfully complete the course work, you are guaranteed to have a signature speech that will WOW your audience to support yourself, your business or your cause. What other course offers access to key talent, coaching, feedback and a support system -- all for under a thousand dollars?  

Your Registration Includes:

  • Book, Your Best Speech Ever
  • Delivery Workbook
  • Weekly Live Workshop (View Recordings for 1 year)
  • Weekly Coaching & Personal Feedback Sessions
  • Write Unlimited Speeches on (1 Year)

If you are serious about developing your communication skill set, this course is guaranteed to help you. Warren Buffet says, "Whether you like it or not get very comfortable with public speaking. It’s an asset that will last you 50-60 years, and it’s a liability if you don’t like doing it.”  It just makes sense to commit to a better you today.


Why Is This System Special?

Our system is based upon research. We focus on you our audience first. We offer innovative tools and have research to support our products. We even have a web application. This system is based upon over a decade of research and strategic development by author, instructor and international speaker, J.R. Steele.